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Delhi School News Today: Classes resume at regular times starting today; check updates

The Education Department has mandated that all government, government-aided, and private schools resume regular schedules as of today, February 6, 2024.

Delhi Schools: Regular Classes Resume Today!

Attention students, parents, and teachers of Delhi! Get ready to ditch the PJs and grab your backpacks, because schools are officially back in session as of today, February 6th, 2024. No more catching up on sleep or battling screen time – it’s time to hit the books (and maybe the playground) with renewed energy!

Regular schedules are back in full swing, meaning classrooms will buzz with activity once again. Whether you’re a nervous first-grader or a seasoned senior, don’t forget to check your school’s website or app for any specific updates or reminders – some schools might have slightly adjusted timetables or protocols in place.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  • Doors open at the usual time: No surprises here! Check your school’s specific timings and arrive accordingly.
  • Pack your essentials: Textbooks, notebooks, pencils, and that lucky charm you forgot last week – don’t leave anything important behind!
  • Masks might still be mandatory: Double-check your school’s guidelines on mask requirements. Remember, safety first!
  • Lunch break is back: Pack a healthy and delicious lunch (or order from the canteen if available) to refuel for the afternoon session.
  • Activities and clubs resume: Get ready to reconnect with friends and participate in your favorite extracurricular activities.
  • Exams and assessments are around the corner: Don’t forget to check your academic calendar for upcoming tests and assignments. Time to hit the books!

Remember, this is a fresh start! Use this opportunity to set new goals, make new friends, and dive deeper into your studies. Teachers are excited to welcome you back with engaging lessons and fun activities, so get ready to learn and grow!

Parents, don’t forget to:

  • Ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep before the first day back.
  • Pack a healthy and balanced breakfast to kickstart their day.
  • Check their backpacks for all necessary supplies.
  • Address any concerns or anxieties your child might have about returning to school.

Teachers, gear up for:

  • Welcoming your students back with warmth and enthusiasm.
  • Setting clear expectations and routines for the new semester.
  • Creating a positive and engaging learning environment.
  • Addressing any individual needs or concerns students might have.

So, Delhi students, are you ready to ring the bell and embark on a new academic adventure? Let the learning begin!

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