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JEE Main 2024 Analysis for Jan 30 Shift 1 Shift 2 Exams – topic/subject-wise Analysis of the Paper and its level of difficulty

The January 30 JEE Main 2024 Session 1 Paper Analysis is now accessible.

JEE Main 2024 January 30 Analysis

Aspiring engineers, grab your pencils and dive into the debrief! The dust has settled on the January 30th JEE Main shifts, and it’s time to dissect the paper, subject-wise, and gauge its difficulty level. So, whether you battled Math monsters in Shift 1 or wrestled Physics enigmas in Shift 2, this analysis is your post-exam intel.

Chemistry: Ace Up Your Sleeve

Both shifts served up NCERT-friendly Chemistry, with most questions straightforward and theoretical. Organic Chemistry reigned supreme, testing your mettle with concepts like alcohols, phenols, and ethers. Physical Chemistry joined the party with thermodynamics and equilibrium questions, while Inorganic Chemistry sprinkled in some coordination compounds and chemical bonding problems. Overall, this section was a confidence booster, so pat yourself on the back if you aced it!

Physics: A Balancing Act

Physics, oh Physics, you fickle friend! While some found it moderate, others felt the pinch of its trickier side. Both shifts threw in a mix of conceptual and numerical problems, demanding a blend of understanding and calculation. Mechanics, with its kinematics and dynamics questions, took center stage. Optics and electromagnetism also made appearances, keeping things diverse. The key here was striking a balance between speed and accuracy – master that, and you’ll conquer Physics!

Math: The Mastermind’s Maze

Math, the ultimate test of your problem-solving prowess, lived up to its reputation. Both shifts served up a moderate-to-difficult concoction, with questions often lengthy and formula-based. Calculus, with its differentiation and integration challenges, dominated the scene. Coordinate geometry and algebra also flexed their muscles, demanding strong conceptual understanding. Don’t despair if you found it tough – even seasoned warriors stumbled here. The key takeaway? Stay calm, stick to the basics, and don’t get bogged down by complexities.

Remember, friends: These are just initial reactions. Official data and cut-offs are yet to arrive. So, breathe easy, analyze your attempts, and keep striving for your engineering dreams. JEE Main is a marathon, not a sprint, and every step, every analysis, takes you closer to the finish line. Good luck!

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