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Class 12th Maths Boards: 50 Marks CONFIRMED with 6 Topics 🔥🔥 | Most Important Topics 2024

By focusing on these six high-weightage topics, you can secure a whopping 50 marks in your board exams, leaving you well on your way to success.

Conquer Your Class 12th Maths Boards: 50 Marks Guaranteed with These 6 Key Topics!

Did you have “Class 12th Maths Syllabus” compiled by you with too many things to cover?Don’t sweat it! Considering these high weightage topics a major consideration, you can easily aim at 50 marks getting you almost all that you need to ace your board exams.

1. Relations and Functions: Becone an expert at that first chub and everything else will always be easy. Learn to operate with domains, ranges and different types of functions which eventually will boost your confidence while solving problems.

2. Continuity and Differentiability: The key topic opens the gaining of deep skills like option derivatives. Observances the continuity, limits, and differentiation rules to answer justly all the questions maximally.

3. Applications of Derivatives: In your next step, try to apply the technique to what you learned. This is not only involving calculus application in such tasks as finding maxima and minima or solving equations but also learning to deal with the rates of change – which are important skills for many problems.

4. Integrals: Unionicity is a complete opposite of the process of individualization. Tackle the primary integral type – indefinite and definite – master their applications to solve area, volume, and more.

5. Vectors: Here we see the vectors operations and concepts given in details. Have a command over the operations like addition, subtraction, scalar multiplication, and dot and cross product for tackling geometric, as well as real world problems.

6. Three-Dimensional Geometry: Visualize and perform problems that are related to lines, planes, and spheres on 3D space. As you immerse yourself in the topics of direction cosines, distance formula, and equations of lines and planes, you will have the necessary understanding to pass this section successfully.

Remember: Continued practice is impossible. Solving former releases’ exam papers, taking mock tests and getting teacher’s help or acquiring the necessary information from online resources will help you reinforce the knowledge you have acquired. Keeping the strategy of scoring all the six topics high and practicing well, you will find yourself in better position to pass all your Class 10th Maths board exams.

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