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CBSE Exam 2024: The Board Rejects Exam Postponement Claims

Exams for the CBSE will start on February 15, 2024. Regarding the rumors that the class 12 board exams would be postponed, the CBSE clarifies them. View details by clicking this link.

CBSE: The Exams Will Take Place! The Board Shatters the Rumors of Postponement

All CBSE Class 12 students listen! The board has officially refuted claims making rounds on social media about changes in examination schedule. Yes, you heard it right- your board exams are going ahead.

Remember that false letter that alleged postponements due to farmers’ protests? The CBSE branded it FAKE NEWS. They have released a statement saying that exams will be conducted as per the previously stipulated calendar. So, stop with the panic attacks and concentrate on learning again.

This official clarification follows a fake document supposedly issued by examination controller that caused unnecessary anxiety among students and parents alike. As such, the board calls on everyone to mistrust any information before sharing it with others.

To put it briefly: no deferral, no commotion, just concentrate on studying. Remember the official timetable and resources are always open for access at CBSE web portal. Keep cool, get updates only from reliable sources and go through tests successfully!

Bonus Tip: Bookmark the official CBSE website for latest updates and authentic information. Do not heed any rumors or unofficial sources; remember knowledge is power while correct information can keep you calmer.

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