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JEE Main Paper 2 Analysis 2024, Check Difficulty Level of B.Arch & B.Plan Exam

See the article below for the JEE Main 2024 session 1 paper 2 difficulty level.

JEE Main Paper 2 2024: B.Arch & B.Plan Exam Under the Microscope

The dust has settled on the January 24th session of JEE Main Paper 2, and aspiring B.Arch and B.Plan architects are eager to dissect the exam’s difficulty level. So, buckle up, future designers, as we dive into the nitty-gritty of each section:

Mathematics: Breathe easy, geometry enthusiasts! This section leaned towards the easier side, with several straightforward questions testing your grasp of basic concepts. However, some numerical value problems demanded a bit of mental gymnastics, so those who mastered calculation techniques had an edge.

Aptitude Test: This section, notorious for its mind-bending puzzles, remained true to form. Spatial reasoning, visualization, and mental agility were key allies in tackling questions that tested your ability to think outside the box. While some found it a breeze, others might have felt their brains get a workout.

Drawing Test: The heart of the B.Arch exam, this section presented a mix of technical skill and creative interpretation. From sketching 3D objects to composing imaginative spaces, the questions were designed to assess your ability to translate ideas onto paper. Nervous hands and shaky lines might have cost some points, but those who embraced their artistic flair likely thrived.

Planning Test: For B.Plan aspirants, this section served as a practical test of their understanding of urban planning principles. Questions delved into issues like zoning regulations, infrastructure development, and sustainable design. While some found the concepts familiar, others might have struggled with the application-oriented approach.

Overall Difficulty: The consensus among students and experts lands somewhere between moderate and easy. While the exam wasn’t a walk in the park, it offered a fair chance for well-prepared candidates to showcase their skills. Remember, individual experiences might vary depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

Remember: This analysis is just a snapshot, and the official cut-offs will paint a clearer picture of the competition. Stay focused on your preparation and keep your spirits high!

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