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WBBSE Class 10 Exam 2024: Details about the Madhyamik History question paper leak on social media may be found here.

During the West Bengal class 10 board exams, three students were disqualified for sharing images of history question papers on social media.

Cheating WBBSE Class 10 Exams: History Paper Leaked on Social Media!

The West Bengal Madhyamik (Class 10) board exams were rocked by a cheating scandal on Monday, February 5th, as social media went viral with images of the History question paper. This incident led to the disqualification of three students, bringing the total number of disqualified candidates to 17 for the year.

Students Caught Sharing Question Paper Photos:

The three students, hailing from schools in Malda district, reportedly captured photos of the question paper using their mobile phones within the exam hall. They attempted to conceal their actions by blurring a unique QR code embedded on each paper, but their efforts proved futile. Officials swiftly identified the individuals and disqualified them from the entire exam.

Growing Trend of Unfair Practices:

This incident adds to a worrying trend of exam malpractice in the WBBSE Class 10 exams this year. With 16 of the 17 disqualified candidates coming from Malda district alone, concerns are mounting about organized cheating rings operating in the region.

Board President’s Appeal:

Expressing deep concern over the situation, WBBSE Board President Ramanuj Ganguly urged students and guardians to uphold the sanctity of examinations. He appealed to everyone involved to refrain from such unfair practices and focus on genuine preparation.

What’s Next?:

The Board is likely to investigate the source of the leak and take necessary action against those involved. Meanwhile, stricter vigilance measures are expected to be implemented in upcoming exams to curb similar incidents.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of fair play and ethical conduct in examinations. It is crucial for students to understand that resorting to shortcuts ultimately harms their own academic journey and undermines the integrity of the entire education system.

Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.

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