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CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 | Enlgish Paper Analysis 2024 | English Paper Solution Set 1,2,3,4

The CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 2024 may be found here, along with answers for each set. Below are the comprehensive solutions and responses to every question from the different sets of the Class 12 English question paper 2024.

CBSE class 12 English 2024: Exposed! Joy of Students, Commenting of Experts

The bell has gone off at last for the long awaited CBSE Class 12 English examination and here is the verdict; sighs of relief from students and nuanced analysis from experts. Here we go with it!

Overall Impression: Balanced, fair, and NCERT-focused. Those who had diligently read the prescribed texts were well armed for the paper. In general, questions covering reading, writing as well as literature assessed a variety of skills such as comprehension and critical thinking in addition to vocabulary and writing.

Section Breakdown:

Reading – Two unseen passages (one fact-based passage and one literary passage) examined students’ knowledge about different styles of writing as well as ability to infer. Some argued that the first passage was rather difficult but found solace in the second one.

Writing – The formats used were part of student’s daily life – a formal invitation card and a formal reply letter. Such kind of predictability helped students exhibit their writing talents without being caught unawares.

Literature – Questions based on text were distributed evenly throughout poems, short stories or plays that have been prescribed. The long answer questions demanded deep thinking hence encouraging learners to interrogate more about these themes along with characters involved in them.

Expert Insights:

“The paper covered the entire syllabus, unlike previous years where some chapters were omitted,” said Kavita Bali, a PGT English teacher.
“Long answer questions in Literature interlinked narratives and poems, challenging students to think critically,” added Lopamudra Majumder, another English educator.
While the paper was generally deemed fair, some experts pointed out the absence of informal writing options in the Writing section.

Student Reactions:

“The paper was manageable, and I’m glad I focused on understanding the texts thoroughly,” shared one student.
“I found the Reading section a bit challenging, especially the first passage,” admitted another.
Overall, students seemed relieved that the paper adhered to the expected pattern and tested their understanding of the syllabus.
Remember: This is just an initial analysis based on preliminary reports. Official answer keys and detailed breakdowns will be available soon.

So, Class 12 English warriors, how did you find the paper? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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