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AI powered CCTV Cameras Revolutionize Monitoring in Odisha Class SSC Board Exams

Cutting-edge Technology Ensures Transparency and Security in the Examination Process

In a groundbreaking move to enhance transparency and security, the Board of Secondary Education (BSE) in Odisha has announced the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered cameras during the upcoming class 10 board exams. Scheduled to take place from February 20 to March 4 next year, the initiative aims to combat cheating and malpractice, ensuring the integrity of the examination system.

The AI-powered cameras will be strategically positioned in strong rooms housing examination papers and across sensitive examination centres. This state-of-the-art surveillance system will be capable of live-streaming footage directly to the BSE headquarters in Odisha, allowing vigilant oversight and immediate identification of any irregularities or discrepancies.

Ramashis Hazra, President of the BSE, emphasized the significance of this technological advancement, stating, “The exams will be closely monitored through AI-powered cameras. Any discrepancies will be immediately brought to our attention.” A staggering 5,51,611 students have registered for these critical exams, which will be conducted at 2,991 centres across the state. Additionally, 313 nodal centres will be established to securely store and manage the question papers.

The exam schedule includes the first language Odia paper on February 20, followed by the second language English exam on February 23. Subsequent subjects, including Mathematics on February 26, and tests for the third language, general science, and social science on February 28, March 2, and March 4, respectively, will follow suit. The evaluation process is tentatively set to commence on March 15.

In an effort to ensure a smooth and transparent examination process, the BSE will also introduce AI-powered CCTV cameras and webcasting during the High School Certificate (HSC) exam 2024. Nihar Ranjan Mohanty, BSE Vice-President, highlighted that these advanced cameras are equipped with features to detect unusual behavior inside examination halls, allowing for immediate detection of lapses or rule violations.

With a focus on technology-enabled transparency, the BSE aims to eradicate malpractice and provide a level playing field for all students. The deployment of AI-powered cameras marks a transformative step in ensuring the integrity of board exams and is poised to set a new standard for examination monitoring.

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